A Couple of Little Fishing Trips

The Sweetwater Creek fish ladder.  Looks like some kind of Japanese garden fountain.

The Sweetwater Creek fish ladder. Looks like some kind of Japanese garden fountain.

First off, if you’ve had trouble accessing the blog it’s temporary.  Switched domain hosts on Saturday so it might have resulted in a slight interruption as your internet provider caught up.  In fact, I can’t access the blog as I write this but I can access the back end to write this post.  I’m still here, fear not.

Next, I want to advise everyone to NOT fish the East Walker.  The water is low (really low considering sometimes summer flows can be as high as 500-600 CFS and right now there’s a tenth of that).  I’ve seen some websites suggest that the Nevada side is cooler and, therefore, fishable.  Hogwash!  I took some temperature readings and that is not the case.  Just the opposite.

California Side (just downstream of the Hwy 182 Bridge and the Miracle Mile) – 74 degrees

Sweetwater Creek (at the fish ladder near the turn off to the Rosaschi Ranch) – 65 degrees

Now, that made me think that maybe the cooler tributaries and possibly some springs were cooling the Nevada side.  Nope!

Rosaschi Ranch (at the bridge and parking area) – 76 degrees

The Elbow (along the road) – 75 degrees

The Elbow - Looks nice but too warm to fish.

The Elbow – Looks nice but too warm to fish.

As you can see, the Nevada side is not cooler.  Since I was at the elbow, I fished for a bit.  I caught one planter rainbow in an hour.  But the water is warm, like bath water.  The oxygen content is low and the fish are lethargic.  But the real danger is playing fish, wearing them out and then releasing them.  They can’t get enough oxygen and they will die even if they look healthy upon release.  Rainbows can tolerate temperatures up to about 75-77 degrees.  Browns up to near 80-ish.  That’s tolerate, not thrive.  They get sluggish to conserve energy and use less oxygen.  Catching them can tip the scale from barely surviving to death.

The deer like the lush vegetation, however.  Nice buck.

The deer like the lush vegetation, however. Nice buck.

Please, do not fish the East Walker until the water temps come down.  I fished in the put and take section to prove a point.  The fishing probably isn’t good anyway.  Many guides are refusing to fish the East Walker too.  Find another stream or an alpine lake.  Wait until mid September or early October.  The fishing will be better and you won’t be risky killing fish for no reason.  I will try to get down to the East Walker and sample the temperatures every couple of weeks and post what I find.

The Little Truckee is a pretty stream.  I wish it were closer.

The Little Truckee is a pretty stream. I wish it were closer.

I also drove up to Truckee on Thursday.  What a madhouse!  Summer crowds suck!  Still, I found some uncrowded water on the Little Truckee River above Boca.  Unfortunately, the rivers up there are suffering from low flows and warm temps too.  Not like the East Walker but not optimal.  I planned to stay for the evening but after driving back into Truckee for lunch, I lost my head of steam and upon contemplating the 2.5 hour drive home I left about 4 pm.  Still, I fished for about three hours but with nothing to show for my efforts.

Oh well.  It was nice to get out.  I admit, I felt a lot of fear and anxiety about both trips.  But once I got there and began fishing, I all but forgot about my pain.  The pain was was there but not too bad.  Defeating TMS is a process for most people.  It takes the subconscious a while to be retrained and to forget those conditioned responses (thinking about the pain which reinforces the pain).  I made some progress but the mind likes to try to find other ways to distract you from your repressed emotions.  I have to be on guard until I’ve formed new habits.

The Jeep at The Elbow

The Jeep at The Elbow

So, there you go.  I actually went fishing…sort of.  Next week I’m taking Jen to San Francisco for a little romantic getaway.  The week after that, I’m going to find some cold water and catch some trout.  If you’re interested, you will find a post about our trip to The City on Dan & Jen on Wheels.

A Couple of Updates…

OSS Episode 1 Cover BlogFirst off, I will be moving Fly Fish Nevada to a dedicated host over the next couple of weeks.  You may or may not see some interruptions.  Hopefully, you won’t notice at all.  I plan to upgrade the site over the next couple of months, new theme, some new pages, basically a whole new look.  In the meantime, I’ve got a few other updates.

The Black Widow Cover BlogNext, I will be releasing the first book in my new series, tentatively titled “Cloak & Dagger Man – Tales of the OSS“.  Episode 1 is entitled, “A Second Chance.”   This, like Baker Company, will be a serial with four Episodes.  Episode 1 and 2 are written and being edited.  I will release them monthly (Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec 2014).  I’ve include a preview of the Episode 1 cover.  I’ve also included another cover for another series I am be working on but that’s all you get for now.

Lastly, I want to explain why I have yet to wet a fly line this year.  I don’t think I understood the real reason until recently.  I’ve made no secret that I have pain stemming from some issues in my back…or so I thought.  That false understanding has generated a lot of fear.  Fear of further injuring my back, fear of surgery and fear of the pain.  While I do have some issues with my back, I no longer believe those are causing the pain or abnormal.

I’ve discovered something called TMS.  That stands for many things but the most apt is “The Mind-body Syndrome.”  You may think this is all new age gobbledygook but it essentially means my repressed emotions, namely anger, are the root cause of my pain, a diversion of sorts to keep me from facing some pretty nasty stuff.  I won’t go into what that stuff is, just normal family (NOT my wife and kids) B.S.  If you’re interested in checking out the details of TMS, read “Healing Back Pain” by Dr. John Sarno.

For the purposes of this blog, this is a process of recognizing what is actually causing the pain and coming to understand that while my back is degenerated, it is normal for a fat, almost fifty year old dude.  Since my back is normal, I need to resume normal activity and stop worrying about further injury.  So, I am.  I’m trying to wrangle the boys up this week to take them fishing.  But beyond that, I plan to get out on the water this summer and fall.  I am planning a fishing trip this October as well.

Fishing and the associated pictures and posts will resume soon.  So will some of the other plans I’ve alluded too.  Some video content, outdoor posts, etc.  Thanks for bearing with me while I got my head straight.  See you on the water.


And the she is looking all Jeep-ish amongst the rocks of western Nevada

And there she is looking all Jeep-ish amongst the rocks of western Nevada…actually this is like three miles from my house.

Did you come here to see posts about fishing?  Well, you’re going to be disappointed.  June was a bit hectic.  We took the boys to Disneyland to celebrate Henry’s graduation from high school earlier this month.  Then when we got home I caught a cold, probably from from snot-nosed kid at the parks.  Once I recovered we prepped and planted our veggie garden.  Then, over the past weekend the boys and I installed a lift on the Jeep.  So, I can’t really be accused of being lazy but I haven’t been fishing.

But I wanted to post about the lift and what else I modified during the process.  Since this is my fishing blog, I won’t get too technical.  First off, I installed a Teraflex 2.5 inch spring lift which includes new coil springs that not only lift the Jeep an average of almost three inches (advertised lift height often accounts for common accessories like heavy bumper and winches) but I gained more in the front effectively leveling the Jeep. Continue reading

Bluestone Mine and Ludwig

At the Bluestone mine.  We didn't find the Jeep there, we brought it with us.

At the Bluestone mine. We didn’t find the Jeep there, we brought it with us.

There is a disturbing lack of water and trout going on around here.  WTF?  Well, I got a new Jeep and I’m having fun with it.  Besides, it’s not like I’m going fishing on Memorial Day weekend.  I tried that last year and it didn’t work out so well.  When you find rednecks (and I use that term affectionately, of course) floating down your favorite riffle in hot pink and lime green inflatables, it’s time to go do something else.

Looking over Mason Valley.

Looking over Mason Valley.

So I did and I didn’t go all that far.  I didn’t have to.  Actually, I was surprised how easy these places that I didn’t know existed until recently, though they aren’t more than 15 mile from my house, were to get to.  The big wide open isn’t so wide open and it’s bigger than you think.  It can hide all kinds of treasures in more or less plain sight. Continue reading

Mason Valley to Smith Valley – The Hard Way

Front axle disconnected, rear axle locked, we were ready for anything.

Front axle disconnected, rear axle locked, we were ready for anything.

A free Saturday!  One boy is in Wells, Nevada, playing baseball and then other in Fernley at a track meet.  I know what your thinking.  How did that Fly Fish Nevada guy spawn a kid that can run track?  I didn’t…and no, neither did the UPS man…the boy throws shot put and discus.  It was windy and cool and there was no way we were going to either of those events.  So, Jen and I took a little drive to Yerington for lunch at Maverick (hey, we’re easy to please) and then some off-road adventure…or what passes for adventure when your pushing 50 :D Continue reading

Bundy Stand Off and Beyond

I’m getting political.  This is my blog so I get to write about whatever I want :P  Anyway, I’ve got to comment on the Bundy Ranch standoff, I mean it was in Nevada after all.  But that’s not all I want to say.  Look, Bundy is wrong.  We are a country of laws, even if you don’t like those laws.  He has lost in court and should pull his cattle off of Federal land and pay his grazing fees.  End of story.

However, there’s always an however, he might be right on the larger issue.  What gives the Feds the authority to push citizens around like they do?  Can they just bully people around in the name of some supposedly threatened species (and for the record, the desert tortoises are like rats in Washington D.C., they are everywhere).  I submit they can but they shouldn’t.  We have this thing called the Constitution and I’m having a hard time finding the part where the Federal Government gets to take stuff from citizens without due process and compensation.  In other words, they just can’t declare land off limits arbitrarily and force ranchers, for instance, out of business without paying them…but they do it all the time.

But beyond that, where do they get off sending a virtual army (and what else would you call agents of the BLM dressed in fatigues and body armor carrying automatic rifles?) to confront citizens over cattle and grazing fees. Continue reading

A New Jeep!

The way my Jeep looks now, more or less.

The way my Jeep looks now, more or less.

Things have been kind of up in the air here for a bit.  We took our annual trip to Jamaica in mid-March and I’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with my Jeep.  I had planned on a bit of a restoration project but as the cost mounted I wondered what the end game was.  I planned on buying a new Jeep in a couple of years and I’d never see the money I put into the current Jeep TJ when I sold it.  The improvements were for me but the enjoyment would be short.  So, I began looking at buying a new Jeep now instead.


And the new beast the way I picked her up from the dealer. She won’t stay stock for long.

I finally decided it was the better option.  I could use the money I’d planned to use to build my current Jeep for a down payment along with the proceeds from selling it.  I devoured everything I could about the new JK Wranglers (Jeeps have two letter names that designate each model, i.e. CJ, YJ, TJ, etc., and then new ones are JK) and finally settled on a modestly outfitted Rubicon Unlimited, the four door model.  The dealer found one on another dealers lot that matched my criteria and I picked it up on March 29, 2014. Continue reading


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